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Ron Paul Would Do Away With FEMA

August 31, 2011

Anderson Cooper, Ron Paul Spar About FEMA (VIDEO)

First Posted: 8/31/11 -- 07:48 AM ET | Updated: 8/31/11 -- 08:33 AM ET

Anderson Cooper sparred with Congressman Ron Paul about the role of the federal government in disaster relief.

Paul caused a stir last week when he dismissed FEMA as an unnecessary agency that was not needed to help citizens in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Irene. On Tuesday, a clearly skeptical Cooper challenged Paul about his views.

"You say we don't need FEMA," Cooper began. "Why?"

"They don't have a very good record," Paul responded. "...Thorough bureaucracy as a whole, don't do a very good job but FEMA has the worst reputation of almost any of them." He said that the government should "look at how things were handled before we had FEMA."

Cooper responded that FEMA had, despite its many failures, still managed to outperform local officials in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. "If you had left everything up to Louisiana officials during Katrina, probably more people would have died," he said.

"Well, that remains to be seen," Paul said. He then said that FEMA created complacency and dependence in people who took reckless chances with their homes because they knew FEMA would come to help them.

"Go and show me where there was a much worse care before FEMA and I don't think you can give me any of those indications," he said. Cooper pointed out that, before FEMA, the 1900 hurricane in Galveston -- in Paul's Congressional district -- killed 6,000 people (it is still the deadliest hurricane in American history) because the local populace could not afford to pay for a sea wall.

"If FEMA were abolished, wouldn't you be setting the stage for life or death conditions in poor areas of the country?" he asked.

"No," Paul said. "...They survived without FEMA and they did rebuild the city and it was mostly local funds. Probably some state funds. The two then began talking over each other.

"You're saying there is no role the federal government should play," Cooper said. "Let me, let me, let me, let me finish!" Paul responded. He said that the government did have a role to play in performing rescue operations.

"It's endless," he said. "The government will take care of us and we're broke and we're in the midst of this economic crisis which will get a lot worse and not be concerned about it."

Anderson's Good Ratings -- As In My Book

What Scandal? CNN Clocks Huge August Ratings Thanks To Piers Morgan And Anderson Cooper

Glynnis MacNicol | Aug. 31, 2011, 1:38 PM

Who says August is a slow month?

Not CNN, which once again posted big ratings gains thanks in large part to a great deal of serious news (Irene, Tripoli, Earthquake).

Anderson Cooper, who moved into the 8pm slot at the beginning of the month and got off to a slow start, ended up garnering a 74% increase in the demo over year ago programming and a 44% increase vs. last month (oh, Eliot Sptizer).

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan, who spent much of the summer defending himself against allegations he was involved in the phone hacking scandal that rocked Britain, also saw significant gains.

Piers Morgan Tonight increased 52% in the key demo compared to a year ago (oh, Larry King), and 34% in total viewers.

To give you a sense of how that compares, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show (worth noting Maddow has been out much of the month) was up 21% and Fox's Hannity was down 3%.

Over all, CNN numbers pushed them ahead of MSNBC in both total and demo viewers in both primetime and total day.

Fox News, meanwhile, is still far and away the cable leader. Their August numbers were so strong -- they were up 10% in total viewers in primetime, and up 11% in total day compared to August of 2010 -- they are currently the number 3 channel in all of cable.

Oh and the top 13 shows in cable news? They all belong to Fox.

Saadi Gadhafi Difficult To Deal With

Gadhafi son "will not surrender"

.. CNN's Handsome Nic Robertson reports.

Added On August 31, 2011
Saadi Gadhafi tells CNN's Nic Robertson that the rebels have destroyed Libya and that he will not surrender to them.

True, Patriotic Citizens

Raising taxes on Germany's rich

Added On August 31, 2011
A German pressure group calls for higher taxes on the country's rich.

Irene in Prattsville, New York

NY town 'washed away' by Irene

.. YNN Megan Cruz reports.

Anderson Cooper 360 | Added on August 29, 2011
YNN reporter Megan Cruz talks to Anderson Cooper about the flooding and storm damage sustained in Prattsville, New York.

FEMA, It Works, It Doesn't

August 5th, 2011
10:16 PM ET

Video: Rep. Ron Paul on why he'd do away with FEMA

Editor's note: Texas republican congressman Ron Paul says that if he's elected President, he'd do away with FEMA.

Naked Is Good...

August 30th, 2011
10:31 PM ET

The RidicuList: Naked guy in the news

Editor's note: Hurricane Irene brought out a fan who wanted to "bare it all" during the news.

Syria Lies... As If We Didn't Know It Already!

August 30th, 2011
10:24 PM ET

KTH: Syria lies

Editor's note: Warning: Graphic Content Syria's dictatorship denies killing children, but video evidence tells a different story.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Have To Have Him...!

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Ads Or Tour Bus?

Huff, The Conan Hair

August 30, 2011

Anderson Cooper Puts Conan O'Brien's Hair On The Ridiculist (VIDEO)

First Posted: 8/30/11 -- 02:56 PM ET | Updated: 8/30/11 -- 02:56 PM ET

A faux Twitter spat between Anderson Cooper and Conan O'Brien over who has the best TV hair has now spilled over onto their shows, starting with Cooper adding O'Brien's famous flaming pompadour to his Ridiculist.

What started as a little Facebook marketing ploy on the part of Pert Plus, has started to snowball into a fun television rivalry. Cooper is leading the charge, taking to his Twitter feed to express his disgust at coming in a close second to O'Brien. O'Brien responded with his signature gravitas: "Sorry @AndersonCooper, but as long as there is blood in my scalp, my hair shall defeat yours. (Maniacal laughter)."

See Cooper's televised response -- as well as his shocking revelation about the hours and hours of work that has gone into his hair over the years -- in the clip below.


Russia & China Against Intervention

Why no international action in Syria?

Added On August 30, 2011

Anti-government demonstrators in Syria are becoming disillusioned with the lack of help from the international community.

Potterhead Or Gleek?

...Neither! Anderson is a "Desperate House Wife"... Well, you know, in the right sense of the word... (gulp).

Are You a Potterhead or Gleek? (Ask Anderson)

(00:55 min.)

From: Anderson

Added: Aug 29, 2011

Description: There have been lots of "Ask Anderson" questions this summer, asking Anderson about his fandom preferences. In this video, Anderson answers @silverflutefly's question, "Are you a Potterhead, Gleek, or zealous fan of some sort?"

"Anderson" premieres on September 12. To find out when it's on in your town, visit


Anderson Growing Cute, Handsome & Hunky

Anderson Cooper Growing Handsome

(01:37 min.)

From: PeterGay

Added: Aug 29, 2011

Description: Anderson Cooper growing from a cute baby to a handsome hunk!

Music: "Bad Coffee" by The Alexandria Kleztet


Life In A Void

World stateless living life in limbo

Added On August 30, 2011
Twelve million people worldwide are stateless, with no right to work, go to school, get married or go to hospitals.

Conan's Hair Too Puffy

August 29th, 2011
09:57 PM ET

The RidicuList: Conan O'Brien

Editor's note: CNN's Anderson Cooper explains why Conan O'Brien's hair has landed on the RidicuList.

Jeff Is A Martyr To His Followers

August 29th, 2011
09:41 PM ET

.. and Gary Tuchman report.
Video: Source: Polygamist leader Jeffs in coma

Editor's note: CNN's Gary Tuchman reports on how imprisoned polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs' followers are faring without him.

Recap Of Irene And Her Aftermath

August 29th, 2011
09:38 PM ET

Cooper: Hurricane Irene aftermath

Editor's note: CNN's Anderson Cooper provides a recap of Hurricane Irene and its deadly aftermath.

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