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AnderAnim 2, Not Anim 3

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He Didn't Mean Her Boobs


AC360 "THE SHOT": Real Housewives

Duration: 01:22 min.

From: redpepper5031

Added: Nov 11, 2008

Description: The show "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has a fan in Anderson.


Carol Burnett DVD's Giveaway

DVD Giveaway: 'The Carol Burnett Show: Carol's Favorites'

Friday, September 28, 2012 -- 5:40 PM

Comedy legend Carol Burnett was a guest on today's "Anderson Live" and talked about her years on the hit TV series, "The Carol Burnett Show."

For more information on this DVD, visit

"Anderson Live" is giving away a DVD copy of "The Carol Burnett Show: Carol's Favorites"! Enter below to win your copy.

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10-01-12 -- 10-05-12

Co-Host Amy Brenneman, Star of 'Private Practice' / 'Why Do Women Pay More?' Investigation: Part Two / 'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer / Meg Ryan, America Ferrara, Olivia Wilde & Gabrielle Union

Monday, October 01, 2012

Anderson kicks off the week with "Private Practice" star AMY BRENNEMAN (@TheAmyBrenneman) as his co-host! They're talking about the latest water cooler topics in "The First 15."

"Real Housewives of New York" star and queen of pinot grigio Ramona Singer is in the house! We're getting the scoop about her feud with "Real Housewife" co-star Aviva Drescher.

Last week, our undercover investigation on why women pay more sparked a HUGE response! Today, we're hearing from business owners and organizations who say it's okay make women pay more! You'll be shocked when three whistleblowers reveal why they charge women higher prices! Also, meet a woman who is doing everything she can to put an end to women being ripped off. Do you have an example of gender-based pricing? Tell us about it!

Celebrity advocates MEG RYAN, AMERICA FERRERA (@AmericaFerrera), OLIVIA WILDE (@OliviaWilde) and Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) are here telling Anderson all about why they traveled halfway around the world for a mission on behalf of women everywhere.

Co-Host Bethenny Frankel / Texas Mom Arrested for Allegedly Letting Kids Play Outside Unsupervised / "Pitch Perfect" Stars Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Reality TV star, best-selling author and entrepreneur BETHENNY FRANKEL (@Bethenny) is co-hosting for the hour! The Skinnygirl reveals her favorite tips for losing weight without dieting and gives viewers a sneak peek at what they can expect to see in her upcoming talk show.

Then, it's a story that has parents sounding-off. A Texas mom was arrested for allegedly letting her kids play outside unsupervised. The mom, Tammy Cooper, breaks her silence in an "Anderson Live" exclusive after spending 18 hours in jail.

Rising stars ANNA KENDRICK (@AnnaKendrick47) and BRITTANY SNOW stop by to chat with Anderson about their new movie, "Pitch Perfect" -- a musical comedy about an all-girl a cappella group that takes on a rival male-dominated group. Find out how they trained for the movie, and if they can convince Anderson to sing. And don't miss the surprise that Anna and Brittany have in store for Anderson!

Co-Host Martin Short / 'Modern Family' Star Julie Bowen / Chef Tom Parker Bowles

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The brilliantly funny MARTIN SHORT joins Anderson as co-host for the day! Martin is making Anderson laugh as they talk about the latest stories everyone's buzzing about in "The First 15." Martin also talks about his role in "Frankenweenie," the animated Tim Burton movie that's opening this Friday.

Fresh from her Emmy win, JULIE BOWEN (@ItsJulieBowen), star of the hit comedy "Modern Family" is here! Julie is telling Anderson about her behind-the-scenes experience on Emmy night, her headline-making acceptance speech, and what really happened with Sofia Vergara's dress malfunction. Julie is revealing her own secrets to preventing wardrobe malfunctions, and opening up about her real-life family. Find out the cause that’s very close to her heart.

We're partnering with Good Housekeeping and putting the most popular infomercial products to the test! Which ones fly and which ones fizzle? Don't be fooled by slick marketing! Find out which "As Seen on TV" products pass Anderson and Martin's test for you to buy... and which should be left on the screen!

Plus, Chef Tom Parker Bowles (@TomParkerBowles) is here to "dish on the royals" and share one of his favorite recipes from his new cookbook, "Let's Eat: Recipes from My Kitchen Notebook."

Co-Host Andy Cohen / 'Steel Magnolias' Cast: Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard, Phylicia Rashad, Jill Scott

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mazel! "Watch What Happens Live" star and Anderson's friend ANDY COHEN (@BravoAndy) joins as co-host! Andy's spilling all the secrets about the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" three-part reunion, and giving his always hilarious and real opinions on the latest stories making headlines in "The First 15."

Anderson and Andy welcome the star-studded cast of the remake of "Steel Magnolias" -- QUEEN LATIFAH (@IAMQUEENLATIFAH), ALFRE WOODARD, PHYLICIA RASHAD, and JILL SCOTT (@MissJillScott). The cast is talking about their experience working together on the film, which opens this weekend. Then they’ll play a fun trivia game in which we'll test their knowledge of quotes from the movie!

Co-Host Keke Palmer / Stephen Colbert / Cast of Oxygen's 'My Shopping Addiction'

Friday, October 05, 2012

KEKE PALMER (@KekePalmer), one of the fastest-rising young stars of her generation ("Akeelah and the Bee"), joins Anderson as co-host! The Disney star, actress and recording artist is jumping right in and talking about the latest stories in "The First 15," and giving Anderson the scoop on her latest project -- starring in Lifetime's "Abducted: The Carlina White Story" (#Abducted), premiering Saturday.

Get ready to laugh... the incredibly funny STEPHEN COLBERT (@StephenAtHome) is in the studio! He's cracking Anderson up and telling him the latest on his hit show, "The Colbert Report," and all about his brand new book! Anderson is getting the scoop on how Stephen's Emmy wrestling match with Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon came to be! Then, it's a head-to-head history quiz that will have everyone in stitches!

Then, it's the cast of Oxygen's new series, "My Shopping Addiction." Meet women whose shopping obsessions have caused their finances and lives to spiral out of control. With therapy, can these addicts be cured? Find the number one way to tell if you have an addiction, and learn the top ways to get it under control. On what do you splurge? Share with us>>

Plus, it's our Frugal Friday tip of the week -- you don't want to miss! Do you have a great money-saving tip you’d like to share with Anderson on the show? Tell us here »

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Blogger Of The Day: 09-27-12

Blogger of the Day: Jared Eng

Thursday, September 27, 2012 -- 4:23 PM

Today's Blogger of the Day is Jared Eng, Founder of L.A.-based celebrity website

Just Jared is a multi-media entertainment group that includes and teen spinoff, providing premium pop culture trends, extensive celebrity photo galleries and breaking entertainment news. An established internet presence since 2005, Just Jared, Inc. has grown rapidly due to the fresh perspective it brings to the often harsh world of celebrity news. Over the years it has built a team of smart, savvy contributors dedicated to delivering the latest pop culture 24/7.

See what was written on after Jared's appearance on the show!

Here is what Jared wrote on Twitter.

Follow Jared @JaredEng on Twitter.

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'Just Jared' At 'Anderson Live'

Thu, 27 September 2012 at 11:40 am's Jared Eng: 'Anderson Live' Appearance!

Anderson Cooper and‘s very own Jared Eng get silly in a photo booth at a television studio in New York City on Thursday morning (August 27)

The 45-year-old talk show host and news anchor invited Jared to be on today’s episode of Anderson Live, where Taraji P. Henson co-hosted. (Make sure to tune in to the very beginning – Taraji walks onto the set late as she literally is sewn into her dress!) Jared chimes in on Twitter feuding when The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice returns for an appearance on the show.

Modern Family‘s Ty Burrell talks about his show’s recent Emmy win and competes against Anderson in a butter carving contest.

Anderson Live airs at 12pm M-F in New York and you can also find out when it airs in your area at!

Who Did Well, Who Did Not

Presidential Debates From The Beginning: Anderson Cooper

7:01 PM, Sep 29, 2012

Written by

September 26th, 1960. The first televised presidential debate, signaling a new era where appearances matter more than an ever and gaffes, however small, are magnified.

The goals are the same for all Americans.

John f. Kennedy, a young senator from Massachusetts, facing off against Vice President Richard Nixon, who's known to be a fierce debater. But on screen, kennedy looks cool and calm. While Nixon looks uncomfortable, sweating profusely under the hot studio lights.

I think I better shave.

Nixon flounders under the glare of television for all four debates. Kennedy goes on to win the election. In 1976, President Gerald Ford makes this blunder in his debate with Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter:

There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford administration.

I'm sorry, what?

The remark becomes a central theme in carter's campaign against Ford, and is blamed by many for costing him the election. In 1980, Ronald Reagan is repeatedly attacked by President Carter for his stance on health care.

Governor Reagan as a matter of fact began his political career campaigning around this nation against medicare.

But Reagan wins fans...and the election by staying cool...

There you go again!

Four years later President Reagan handles attacks on his age during his debate with walter mondale with humor.

I want you to know also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience (laughter/applause).

In the next Election, Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis is asked this controversial question in his debate with Vice President George Bush.

Governor, if Kitty Dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer?

No, I don't Bernard and I think you know that I've opposed the death penalty during all of my life.

The public sees his answer as cold and dispassionate and that very night his poll numbers drop. During the 1988 vice presidential debate, Republican Senator Dan Quayle's comparisons to John F. Kennedy elicits this blistering response from his opponent:

Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy (applause).

Body language plays a part in the Presidential debate in 1992. George H.W. Bush deliberately looks at his watch and he pays for it when the audience, and voters, see it as disrespectful.

Body language makes a difference in the debate between Al Gore and George W. Bush as well. Gore sighs over and over again and bush...the underdog surprises by winning the debate and of course the election... Both president obama and governor romney are seasoned debaters and experts say neither is prone to making major gaffes. But if there's one thing history's taught us, when it comes to presidential debates expect the unexpected.

Anderson Cooper, CNN


Explain It To Me: Gold

CNN | Added on September 7, 2011
CNN's Ali Velshi talks about the complexities and misconceptions surrounding gold.

The Case Of The Not-So-Ugly Duckling

Bullied teen shines at homecoming

CNN | Added on September 29, 2012 The teen nominated to her school's homecoming court as a prank reveals her Cinderella side as she attends coronation.

Ah! But the reporter, Chris Welch... He certainly is no ugly duckling; he is Prince Charming in my fairy tale!!

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Oh Lord! It Could Have Been Anderson!

Can you imagine the nasty e-mails this person would have gotten from all over the world if she had thrown water on Anderson's pretty face...?!!!

Reporter gets a face full of water

The Situation Room | Added on September 27, 2012
CNN's Jeanne Moos showers us with reporters getting doused in the line of duty.

Sunday Comix 09-30-12

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

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