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Undisclosed Country

Meet Adorable Arnold

Season 2 Sneak Peek: [Cute Smiley] Arnold

“Anderson Live” team member Arnold is opening up about his position as Production Coordinator.

Tell us about your job…
“Basically, it’s a lot of ordering stuff for the office, from pens to desks to chairs to pictures, everything… making sure the office is ready to go.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?
“There’s two things that I like about working here; one is that people are alright with joking around, which is always comforting. It’s a serious job when it needs to be, but when it’s not, you can still have a laugh. Two, I like the pace of it, a lot of times you don’t get a lot of free time at work and the day flies by — I really enjoy the pace of it all. Everybody here is really chill and really nice.”

What is happening this summer in your department?
“We have moved locations, so we used to be more centralized in Manhattan, and now we’re more on the west side. My job is to make sure all that stuff gets here. I dealt with more of the office stuff, show files, TVs, computers, desks and couches, so when everybody comes back, we can start working.”

What do you love most about the show?
“I’m excited that we’re going live. I like its wide range of topics… it’s not the same thing every day.”

What are you looking forward to most in Season 2?
“I’m looking forward to the studio being a lot closer, which makes things easier for me.”

Is there anything you want viewers to know about the new season?
“I think it’s going to be fun, more topical, and I think Anderson is comfortable in a live setting, and I’m excited to see what that will bring.”

'Anderson Live' Instead Of 'Anderson'

It'll no longer be

It'll be

Oh NO! They Changed The Name!!

'Anderson Live' is not the same as 'Anderson' !!

Exclusive: Warner Bros. to Overhaul Anderson Cooper Talk Show

'Anderson Live' will feature live format, daily cohosts, and more social media

By Paige Albiniak -- Broadcasting & Cable, 7/31/2012 -- 4:46:18 PM

Headed into season two, Warner Bros.' Anderson is getting a makeover, including changing its name to Anderson Live and adding more live features to the show.

"Our biggest overall goal for Anderson Live is to take the best elements of daytime and put them in a show that works in 2012. Being live plays to Anderson's strengths, providing immediacy and topicality, which allows us to talk about what is going on in the world," said Terence Noonan, the show's executive producer. "Anderson Live is the show that makes you a little smarter, the one that you have fun watching, and at the end of each episode you can't wait to tune in the next day to see what's happening."

The show, which stars CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, will be renamed Anderson Live and it will be shot in front of a live studio audience, à la Disney-ABC's Live! with Kelly, the show on which Cooper cut his talk teeth. Anderson Live also is moving from the Time Warner Center to a new permanent set at the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, which will have live capabilities that will allow the show to cover events while they are happening.

"Our basic issue with our old studio was that we didn't control that space," says Noonan. "It was a performance space; it wasn't an actual studio. We had to take everything down every night. We can take advantage of the technology at the CBS Broadcast Center because they already do live shows there, such as the CBS Morning Show and the CBS Evening News. We can control our space and make it our home."

As B&C previously reported, in season two, Anderson Live will feature different cohosts every day -- an experiment with which the show had good luck during the May sweeps. Naming a permanent cohost is still a possibility, said Noonan, but it's not as if the show is actively conducting a search.

"We've got a lot of fun, great things planned for the new season. I am really excited to be joined by daily cohosts and look forward to switching to a live format, which allows us more freedom to cover topical issues as well as connect more with the viewer at home," said Cooper in a statement.

Besides a variety of cohosts, Anderson Live is welcoming a new co-executive producer, with George Davilas joining the show. Davilas previously was senior supervising producer at CBS Television Distribution's The Doctors.

Celebrities already booked to appear this season include Richard Gere and the cast of the new movie Arbitrage, Emma Watson and the cast of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and TV stars such as Modern Family's Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell, The Mindy Project's Mindy Kaling, Scandal's Kerry Washington and The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert.

Anderson Live also plans to boost its social-media efforts. The show's companion website, AndersonCooper.com, is launching several new initiatives, including Anderson's Summer Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge, a month-long photo sharing contest beginning Monday, Aug. 6, on Instagram where fans can post photos for a chance to win prizes; "Stump Anderson," in which fans are encouraged to send Cooper trivia questions that he'll attempt to answer during live webcasts; and "Anderson Seat Tweets," in which fans attending the show will send out live tweets as the show goes on.

TV affiliates that air Anderson Live will receive new promos announcing the changes to season two on Tuesday evening (July 31) that they can start airing on Wednesday, Aug. 1. Anderson Live will premiere season two on Monday, Sept. 10.

Anderson was last season's top-rated rookie, but both stations and Warner Bros. would like to see its ratings improved. Last week, Anderson averaged a 1.1 live plus same day national household rating, putting it at the low end of talk-show ranking.

Out Is Better

Anderson Cooper's Ratings Grow After Host Comes Out, Helping CNN Rebound From June Lows

UPDATED: The same month the veteran "360" host addressed his sexuality, his series sees double-digit gains in total viewers and adults 25-54 and is the only primetime cable news broadcast to improve in the demo from July 2011.

1:50 PM PDT 7/31/2012 by Michael O'Connell

Though only Fox News Channel is in better shape than it was this time last year, July was still a good month for CNN. The network saw growth across the board after record lows in June.

Ratings for the month have the network still firmly in third place, but up in double digits in primetime and daily viewers, with even stronger gains in the demo.

CNN averaged 488,000 total primetime viewers, 149,000 of them in the coveted adults 25-54. That's up 15 and 20 percent, respectively, from last month's 427,000 total and 121,000 in the demo. The numbers are still down double digits from July 2011. The network posted the sharpest declines, year over year, with a 26 percent loss among adults 25-54 during primetime.

In daily ratings, CNN brought in 355,000 total viewers and 109,000 in the demo. Similar to primetime, the numbers are up from June's 303,000 total viewers and 91,000 in the demo -- but down from the same time last year.

Of particular note is Anderson Cooper. The 360 host, who came out of the closet in early July, has the only primetime cable news broadcast to actually see growth among adults 25-54 since last July. At the 8 p.m. hour, he was up 27 percent from June in total viewers (533,000) and 31 percent in the demo (161,000).

His show, as did all cable news, included extensive coverage of the July 20 shooting in Aurora, Colorado. He's up six percent in the demo from July 2011, though the 10 p.m. broadcast is down 36 percent.

Playing Is Not Fear... I Think...

My dog is afraid of Anderson Cooper

Duration: 01:04 min.

From: 954floridaboy

Added: Jul 30, 2012

Description: My girlfriend brought back a bookmark cut out of Anderson Cooper and it freaks my dog out for some reason.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7j9QHar2P8

Some Christians Are Obtuse By Religion


7/31/2012 @ 12:45PM

Doors Slammed Shut on Christian Singers Coming Out

“The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper’s famous no-nonsense words published by Daily Beast reporter Andrew Sullivan in July have been widely interpreted as the signpost of a new era of mainstream media acceptance.

It just wasn’t considered big news.

A few days later, in a similar non-event, singer and songwriter Frank Ocean revealed his first love was a man through a post on his Tumblr blog. Following the confession, his album, “Channel Orange,” still debuted at No. 2 on Billboard.

Many religious communities, however, are still far from extending anything like this sort of tolerance. If they were, Jennifer Knapp’s life would be very different today.

Knapp was a star Christian pop singer from 1994 to 2002, selling a million records between 1998 and 2002 and performing in churches across the country. Her music earned her four Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association and two Grammy nominations.

But all that changed when Knapp announced in 2010 that she was gay–she became an instant outcast. Christian radio stopped playing her songs and Christian bookstores stopped selling her music.

“No Christian, according to the Bible, can be simultaneously gay,” said Pastor DL Foster, founder of Witness Freedom Ministries in Atlanta, Ga., which runs programs to convert gay people into becoming straight. “So Christian singers should be holy, not homosexual.”

Knapp, 38, no longer considers herself a member of the Christian music world.

A Similar Rejection

She joins the ranks of Marsha Stevens, who suffered a similar rejection decades ago. After losing a lucrative career Stevens went on to exercise her faith in other ways.

Stevens, 59, once drew thousands of fans to her concerts. She came out in 1980 during what was known as the Jesus movement. Afterwards Maranatha Music, a Christian label, dropped her. Christian music publishers pulled her music from retail and promoters canceled her concert bookings.

“I was completely taken aback by the reaction,” said Stevens. “I spent about five years saying ‘I don’t need Jesus,’ but I absolutely do. I couldn’t make myself not be a Christian.”

In the mid-1980s Stevens visited the Metropolitan Community Church in southern California, which caters to the gay population. “I thought it would be a joke, a drag show church. I was surprised to find it was just a regular church,” she said.

Stevens connected with others there who, in lower-profile ways, had suffered similar rejection. She began writing songs for the church. Since she had no place to get the songs published, she started BALM (Born Again Lesbian Music) Ministries, in Costa Mesa, Calif., which now also produces records.

“I realized there were a lot of religious people coming out who didn’t have a place to go,” said Stevens. The religious gay community, who wanted to make Christian music, found a place at BALM Ministries, she added. So far BALM has trained 35 artists, including Justin Ryan and Carolyn Marshall.

But for Stevens the rejection still isn’t over. She says she receives hate mail, often from parents who blame her for their children’s sexual orientation. “They tell me ‘I can’t believe you’ve led my child astray; she read your site and now thinks it’s OK to be gay,’” Stevens said.

Toughened Skin

Years of this type of treatment have toughened her skin. “It doesn’t hurt my heart anymore,” said Stevens. “BALM Ministries is my heart now.”

Knapp has also become a part of a similar ministry. She tours the country as a speaker and singer with Inside Out Faith, a program that aims to stop the marginalization of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered, or LGBT, people. The nonprofit organization is based in Nashville, Tenn.

Knapp performs but also speaks to the audience of her own experiences.

“I have the opportunity to effect change,” said Knapp. “What I thought would be a challenge for acceptance has actually turned out to be a chance to help others.”

LGBTs who have grown up in a religious environment are facing criticism from their faith and their families, Knapp said. “It’s about recognizing and supporting safe environments inside religious communities for LGBT people of faith to come out.”

Knapp grew up in a secular household in Kansas. But at around 20 years old, she wanted to connect with Christianity and started writing about her experience. She soon began performing at churches throughout the Midwest. Eventually she was signed by Gotee Records, a Christian label located in Nashville, Tenn., where she released three studio albums.

Knapp took a break from music in 2002 and unexpectedly fell in love with a woman. After announcing her return to music in 2010, she also told the public of her new relationship. That was the moment that changed her life.

“For the last two years I’ve been consistently asked to tell the story of what such damaging judgment does to people,” said Knapp. “I know. I’ve lived it.”

She is now unsigned and her latest independent release “Letting Go” was not played on Christian radio.

Anna Halkidis is a freelance journalist from Queens, N.Y. She also runs a music blog, http://www.musicnlove.com/.

Anderson Out, Still Being Talked About

By cute guys nonetheless.

Google Privacy, Anderson Cooper Comes Out, More

Duration: 04:16 min.

From: MidweekPolitics

Added: Jul 30, 2012

Description: --Voicemail & email on Google privacy, CPAC wonder boy turning liberal, Mitt Romney being vague, Anderson Cooper announcing he's gay, and more.

--On the Bonus Show: Broadband ban, TSA to test drinks, the God Particle, more.

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URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OuD1teuOlI

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Handsome David Parkman

India In The Dark

India hit by second, even larger power outage

By Harmeet Shah Singh, CNN

updated 11:58 AM EDT, Tue July 31, 2012

Railway passengers wait on the tracks for a train during a massive electricity failure at a station in Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, on Tuesday, July 31. India suffered its second huge, crippling power failure in two days Tuesday, depriving up to 600 million people of electricity and disrupting transport networks.

Are you affected? Share your story

New Delhi (CNN) -- India suffered its second huge, crippling power failure in two days Tuesday, depriving as much as half of the vast and populous country, or up to 600 million people, of electricity and disrupting transport networks.

The first power grid collapse, on Monday, was the country's worst blackout in a decade. It affected seven states in northern India that are home to more than 350 million people.

But Tuesday's failure was even larger, hitting eastern and northeastern areas as well.

Both blackouts cut power in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

The power companies that operate the affected electricity grids reported Tuesday's collapse on their websites.

With about 1.2 billion people, India has the second-highest population of any country, behind China.

At least 300 trains were held up in the affected regions, said Anil Kumar Saxena, a spokesman for Indian Railways. Delhi's metro system, seen as a lifeline for commuters, also suffered delays.

Girls study by candlelight at a school in Noida on the outskirts of New Delhi during a power failure Monday, July 30.

Miners in the Burdwan District of West Bengal state have been hit by the blackout too.

The district's top administrator, O.S. Meena, told CNN that 150 coal miners were working underground when the outage happened, stopping lifts.

Authorities switched to emergency supplies to run elevators to bring the miners up, and more than 60% have been brought above ground, he said.

"The others will be brought up very soon. All are safe," Meena said.

Authorities have urged people not to panic about the safety of the miners.

The two consecutive days of disruption are embarrassing for India, a nation growing in international stature and the third-largest Asian economy, and have raised questions about its investment in infrastructure.

The power companies said they were working to restore service. It was not immediately clear whether the blackouts were partial or total in the different regions.

India has an annual power shortfall of 8%.

Monday's grid failure struck in the early morning. Residents spent the rest of the night drenched in sweat amid humid weather, and many backup power systems had run out by daybreak. Power was partially restored after about six hours, authorities said.

Passengers sit on the platform at train station in New Delhi on Tuesday.

That blackout left passengers stranded at train stations, and signal failures caused traffic snarls that choked the Indian capital's already congested roads during office hours.

Airports and hospitals have been running on backup power, so have remained operational, but many businesses say they have lost out because the blackouts have cut productivity, said Jyoti Kamal, senior editor for CNN-IBN.

The blame game between political parties has already begun, Kamal said, but the root cause of the problem is that demand is surging but power generation is just not keeping pace.

Many people, especially in northern India, are hugely frustrated by the problem, he said.

Indians have not been strangers to power cuts, which become more common during the summer when demand shoots up.

Some of the increased demand this summer has been caused by farmers using more energy for irrigation and other tasks, in part because monsoon rains have been delayed. People are also using air conditioning units more.

The Indian power minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, has ordered an investigation into Monday's outage. He said the last time that an entire grid failed in north India was 10 years ago.

He said that the reason for the latest blackouts is not yet known but that some states, particularly those with a lot of agricultural activity, may have been using more than their share of energy.

An electric power station on the outskirts of Jammu on Tuesday.

India relies on coal for much of its energy needs but also uses hydroelectric power, which has been affected by the delay in monsoon rains.

Observers say the crisis has exposed the need for India to update its infrastructure to meet the power needs of businesses and the country's growing population.

"Economic growth is constrained by inadequate infrastructure," among other factors, the U.S. State Department's country report on India says.

"Foreign investment is particularly sought after in power generation," it adds, as well as areas including telecommunications, roads and mining.

The United States is India's largest investment partner, the State Department report says, with U.S. direct investment in India estimated at more than $16 billion through 2008.

Vulnerability of U.S. electrical grid a concern

Four ways the Internet could go down

Australia's Melbourne Airport goes black

CNN's Jethro Mullen and Mallika Kapur contributed to this report.

Shake & Thrust

July 30th, 2012
10:11 PM ET

RidicuList: 'Pelvic thrust' your way to fitness

A new piece of exercise equipment makes the ShakeWeight seem modest by comparison. Fitness inspiration brought to you by the RidicuList.

Charity Scam Continues

July 30th, 2012
10:22 PM ET

.. and CNN's Sexy Drew Griffin report.

Disabled vets charity being investigated

CNN's Drew Griffin explains why the Senate Finance Committee is investigating DVNF and evaluating its tax-exempt status. He and Anderson Cooper respond to accusations made by the group on Twitter and their website.

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Anti-Muslims Republicans

July 30th, 2012
11:17 PM ET

KTH: Gingrich wants Muslim Brotherhood infiltration inquiry

Anderson Cooper examines the lack of evidence from Newt Gingrich and five other lawmakers calling for an investigation into whether the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the U.S. government.

July 30th, 2012
10:10 PM ET

.. with Dana Bash and John Esposito reports.

Professor: Anti-Islam movement in U.S.

John Esposito says accusations against Secretary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin indicate a larger problem in the country.

Grading Romney: D--

July 30th, 2012
09:42 PM ET

.. with Ari Fleischer and Cornell Belcher reports.

Grading Romney's overseas trip

Ari Fleischer and Cornell Belcher discuss how voters will judge Mitt Romney's foreign policy expertise after his trip to London and Israel.

Click to enlarge

Held Captive And Escaped

July 30th, 2012
09:47 PM ET

Captured photographer: Prepared to die

Gorgeous Jeroen Oerlemans says he was held captive by jihadists in Syria for a week and was "prepared to die."

Click to enlarge

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A Rebel Victory!

July 30th, 2012
09:29 PM ET

.. CNN's Very Enchanting Ivan Watson reports.

Rebels claim big victories in Syria

CNN's Very Attractive Ivan Watson reports on the fight over Aleppo, and how rebel fighters took control of a military base near the city.

Today On 'Anderson' -- Jesse Tyler Ferguson

'I Am a Teenage Exorcist' Plus, 'Modern Family's' Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In an explosive interview, Anderson meets three teenage girls whose father, a reverend, has been teaching them how to perform an exorcism. These girls may look like average teenagers, but have been taught to believe that they can see and expel demons from those afflicted by evil. Anderson, along with someone on whom an exorcism was attempted, and a working priest, question the integrity of the practice and ask the true motivation behind the controversial ritual.

Then, "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is on hand to talk about the hit show, what it's really like backstage with his co-stars, and even weighs in on teen exorcists. Plus, how high is your "Modern Family" IQ? Play along with Jesse and a superfan to see who knows more about the hilarious sitcom.

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