Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheney pro-Cheney

Anderson Cooper Almost Manages to Give Liz Cheney a Tough Interview
By Heather Friday May 22, 2009 8:00am

Anderson Cooper had some tough questions for Liz Cheney, but like any good Villager comes out swinging initially but fails to do any real follow up after Cheney lies to him repeatedly. It was nice to see someone actually call bulls#@t on some of her talking points though. It's more than I can say for Chuck Todd. Cheney also basically admits that her father's reason for speaking out has more to do with protecting his own hide than national security. The transcript of the full interview is available here.
    COOPER: Most former vice presidents walk off the public stage quietly, at least for a while, but not Dick Cheney. His tough talk seems to be working for him. His approval rating, now 37 percent, has jumped eight points since leaving office in January. President Bush's approval rating has risen six points, to 41 percent, from 35.

    Dick Cheney's daughter Liz served in the State Department during Bush administration, has been an outspoken defender of her father's record as vice president. She joins us now.

    Thanks for being here.

    LIZ CHENEY: Great to be here. Thanks, Anderson.

    COOPER: Is it -- is it appropriate for your father to be so out in front right now so soon after leaving office, essentially mocking the sitting president of the United States?

    L. CHENEY: Well, he's not mocking the sitting president. But I think that...

    COOPER: Well, saying he's pandering to Europe?

    L. CHENEY: He is pandering to Europe.

    I mean, I think that -- that, you know, there's sort of a level of political nicety that's important to observe, except in certain circumstances. And one of those circumstances is where the national security of the nation is at risk, as my father feels strongly that it is.

    I don't think he planned to be doing this, you know, when they left office in January. But I think, as it became clear that President Obama was not only going to be stopping some of these policies, that he was going to be doing things like releasing the -- the techniques themselves, so that the terrorists could now train to them, that he was suggesting that perhaps we would even be prosecuting former members of the Bush administration, I think my dad began to feel very strongly that somebody needed to speak out, that this needed to be a full airing of views, and not a one-sided mischaracterization of the last eight years.

    COOPER: But these -- you know, these are techniques which have been around. I mean, the Nazis used them. The -- the Khmer Rouge used them. The -- the North Koreans used them. So, it's not as if terrorists were unfamiliar with these techniques, if they wanted to train for them. And I'm not sure you really can train for torture or -- or enhanced interrogation.

    L. CHENEY: Well, I think, first of all -- yes, I mean, I would question the premise there.

    I think that you have got to look at the legal memos, actually, which now you can do. The legal memos are very clear. And this was a -- a very carefully designed program, and it was a program that the CIA designed, that they had the lawyers look at to make sure that the line that divided sort of rough treatment from torture wouldn't be crossed.

    But the important point here, though, there's a big difference between a terrorist sort of Googling, you know, techniques that might be used and a terrorist who can now pull up these memos and actually see, OK, well, they're going to be able to do this, you know, to me for this many minutes, but I know they won't cross that line.

    What the president has done is ensure that no future president can use any of these techniques. So, that's a big step. And that's a step that I think really does endanger the country.

    And, frankly, if the president himself in the future is faced with a ticking-time-bomb scenario, it's not clear to me, you know, what exactly he will do, even though he's reserved to himself the right to take action like these techniques.

    COOPER: Is it appropriate, though, for your father, who has had access to high-level intelligence for -- for eight years, to be very publicly waving a flag, saying, we're much weaker now than ever before? Isn't that, in fact, emboldening our enemies? Couldn't you make that argument?

    L. CHENEY: I think that it is a moral obligation to stand up and say, wait a second. You know, when you...

    COOPER: But you can write letters. You can -- you can have meetings with the president. He could have a meeting with the president and say very firmly, "This is what I believe," and the president would either listen to him or not.

    But to stand up publicly and -- if...

    Well,. Yes. No, absolutely.

    COOPER: If a Democrat was doing this in a Republican administration, wouldn't be the Republicans be saying, this is traitorous?

    L. CHENEY: I don't think -- I don't think-- no. And I don't think that our political system was designed so that, when a party takes power, immediately, the opponents are silenced. I don't think that's healthy for the political system. I think that may, in fact, have been what the Obama administration was anticipating or was hoping for, that they could tell the American people: Trust us. We know what's best, and these tactics didn't work.

    But I think that, in fact, what's happened is, my dad has stood up and said: Wait a minute. If you're going to be the transparency president, and if you're going to libel the brave men and women who conducted this program, and if you're going to release information that helps the terrorists, at least you ought to release the information that tells the American people what we learned from this program.

    COOPER: Your father said today -- and you have said it in the past -- and your father repeated it today -- he's said it a lot -- that -- that, basically, what happened in Abu Ghraib was an isolated incident. He -- he termed them sadistic prison guards.

    Isn't that -- goes against the evidence, that, basically, there was a line between what happened in Guantanamo Bay and what happened in Bagram Air Base and what happened later on in Abu Ghraib?

    L. CHENEY: No, I think that's just absolutely wrong, Anderson.

    I mean, I think, first of all, the enhanced interrogation program, which the president has now stopped, was a program that was run by the Central Intelligence Agency, designed by the CIA, approved by everybody in the administration. And...

    COOPER: So, you're saying there's no connection between all these?

    L. CHENEY: No, absolutely. There's no connection.

    COOPER: Isn't that -- but that goes against...

    L. CHENEY: No. There's...

    COOPER: That goes against what the Schlesinger report says.

    L. CHENEY: For you to assert -- for you to assert...

    COOPER: It's not -- it's not me. It's what the Schlesinger report, which was an independent report by a Republican...

    L. CHENEY: No. But the Schlesinger report did not say that Abu Ghraib was U.S. policy.

    COOPER: Well, no, the Schlesinger said what -- what...

    L. CHENEY: And Abu Ghraib...

    COOPER: And I have it right here.

    It says, "Although specifically limited by the secretary of defense to Guantanamo and requiring his personal approval, given in only two cases, the augmented interrogation techniques for Guantanamo migrated to Afghanistan and Iraq, where they were neither limited, nor safeguarded."

    L. CHENEY: OK, but that's not talking about Abu Ghraib.

    And what we have seen at Abu Ghraib and the photos that we saw out of Abu Ghraib were clearly about crimes.

    COOPER: It is talking about Abu Ghraib. It's saying -- it's strategy, these techniques -- the guy who ran Gitmo was sent over to Iraq later on, because they felt these were efficient techniques. He moved over to Gitmo. And then you have Abu Ghraib.

    L. CHENEY: Yes, but, Anderson -- Anderson, you are completely rewriting history to say that there was a connection...

    COOPER: I'm not. This is the Schlesinger report.

    L. CHENEY: Well, no, but you are misinterpreting the Schlesinger report.

    To say that there -- there somehow was a connection between the commander of Guantanamo and what happened at Abu Ghraib, that -- that is a complete disservice to him. What happened at Abu Ghraib was a crime. And happened at Abu Ghraib had absolutely nothing to do with the enhanced interrogation program, about which we have been having a national debate, that saved American lives.

    So, it...

    COOPER: So, one of the techniques, none of the things -- the pictures that we saw at Abu Ghraib, none of that was done at any of these other facilities?

    L. CHENEY: Well, I wasn't at those other facilities. I do know what happened at Abu Ghraib was a crime and that the people there have been prosecuted.

    The question that you should -- no, but, Anderson, the question that you should be asking...

    COOPER: Well, 20 people -- but 100 people have died in U.S. custody, 20 of...


    COOPER: ... ruled a homicide.

    L. CHENEY: Anderson, the question you should be asking is, when a terrorist has information about an attack on the United States, as we saw in the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, for example, is it the obligation of the president to, within the law, be able to get that information and save American lives?

    And I think the vast majority of Americans believe it is.

    COOPER: But...


    L. CHENEY: Or is it the case, as President Obama has said, that we won't enlist any of these techniques; what we will do is, we allow the terrorists to lawyer up, and we will simply ask them nicely for information?

    Now, that puts you in a position where you are sacrificing American lives because you are concerned about the rough treatment of terrorists. And that's not where the majority of the American people are. And I don't believe that that is fulfilling a president's duty to defend the nation.

    COOPER: But that ticking-time-bomb scenario, which is often used, there's -- there's really very little -- little evidence -- maybe it's happened on one or two occasions, but there are...


    L. CHENEY: Well, wouldn't it be nice to know that, though, Anderson? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to know specifically what we learned?

    COOPER: I'm not saying -- I understand your position of wanting these things to be released, absolutely.

    L. CHENEY: And I don't think that you can have this discussion...

    COOPER: I think that's a very valid argument.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

But... Are They Real...

... Or Are They Memorex?

Real or Not Real? That is the question, of which I'd never know the answer on my own -- nor would I want to! All I can see is that they are stereo...

Anderson Cooper Talks About Miss California's Fake Boobs

(03:44 min.)

From: NewsPoliticsNews

Added: May 1, 2009

Description: CNN's Anderson Cooper Uncomfortably Talking About Miss California's [Carrie Prejean] Fake Boobs - 05/01/09


Another Honor Well Deserved

I'm still trying to catch up with my e-mail and this blog, and this bit of news is too important to be missed. Anderson deserves every award and honor people and communities want to give him. I already gave him my (favorite body part here -- one day is one part, the next day is another, it all depends on my mood!!!) Award.

Anderson Cooper To Be Honored By Conservation International

May 4, 2009 by Tim Saunders

Conservation International is to honor Emmy-winning journalist Anderson Cooper and CNN’s Planet in Peril Team with the Global Conservation Hero Award for commitment and action toward a healthy, secure planet for all people at its 12th Annual New York Dinner.

The environmental organization says "Cooper and the Planet in Peril Team have been at the forefront of CNN’s provocative and inspiring reporting on the global environmental situation, and their penetrating coverage of climate change, deforestation, species loss, and conflict over natural resources has reached widespread audiences with a critical message that nature is essential to humanity’s wellbeing.“

With honorary co-chairs such as Harrison Ford and Meredith Brokaw, the event is likely to be a sell-out. With its aim to conserve the Earth’s living heritage, global biodiversity and demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature, Conservation International is at the cutting edge of environmental work.

Founded in 1987, Conservation International provides a fund for scientists in 30 countries to identify and overcome biodiversity threats. It focuses its efforts on tropical wilderness areas, marine areas, and major wetlands, and since its inception has donated over $100 million to conservation partners around the world.

Ford joined the ranks of Conservation International as a board member, and soon became vice chairman. He became actively involved in the organization’s design and growth, and now sits on the Executive Committee.

“I was looking for a way to give back,” he explained to the Epoch Times. “What kept my support is their success and the inventiveness of their strategies.”

The Annual Dinner takes place on May 21 at the American Museum of Natural History. Tickets are available here [Sorry, not anymore].

The 2nd McSweaty

Of course, Anderson is the 1st Mr. McSweaty! McDreamy, McSweety, McBig, Mc(you name it, Anderson is that too)

900 x 1440 pixels
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It seems like Eric Dane's favorite breakfast is a bowl of Anderson, huh?!

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It's Posting Time Again !!!

Welcome Back ALL !!!

Wow! Blogging is, like they say, like learning to ride a bike; once you learn it... I tell you. I thought I was going to need a week or so to get back on the track of things, but, after I cleared my junk mail, I've been posting for about 17 minutes and I feel as if I have never left. Welcoming me back! Welcoming you All back! I missed you, I missed Anderbloggiong.

Now, I'm here to review last month's Ander News. Pardon the late reporting, yet I think that Ander News are good visiting and revisiting. Well, let's get started:

Ahhh! But first -- I have not been idle all this time. Little by little I will be posting some new Ander Art that I have been creating just for you! Here is the first (three) titillating pictures: a small animation (that is: a-ni-ma-tion, not "a small" anything else, hear me? read me?), and it's two stills. Enjoy!

Now, for the (5/7/2009) news:

"And then you have the WHO come out and say that 'humanity itself is threatened' [by the swine flu]...It's funny, though, the day Joe Biden said that, I was on a subway in New York, and this guy was coughing, and I've got to tell you: people almost strung him up.

I mean, people on the subway were not pleased with this guy."

Anderson Cooper on the Tonight Show.

Cooper asked Jay Leno if he buys into the hype about the new swine flu strain. Jay's response was, "Well, I feel like it's Y2K."

Hey, we said that first!

And, "That's All Folks!" At least for tonight. The cable company connected me to the Internet kindda late tonite and I have a lot to catch up with -- not to mention go to bed at some time this evening...

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Moving Time!

Remember a while back -- about a month or so, I told you there would be a few if any at all posts? Well, we didn't move then; but now it is for real. This weekend we will move to another apartment which we don't know what place that will be, but for sure we will be out of here. This mean no more posts for the weekend until I can connect my computer again. I wish I knew the date but right now everything is up in the air.

Sorry about the inconsistence which I hope won't last more than two days, perhaps less.

See you again soon!

Anderson's Aura

"Forget about my sign, want to see my Aura?"
- Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper 360° (CNN)

Welcome to The
Where there is an Aura of Magick in the Air.

The Violet Aura officially opened its doors in July 2001 with little more than an aura camera. Curious patrons, one by one, stopped by to have a look at their colourful energy field, known as the Aura. This energy field radiates from our personal and inter-dimensional centers, known as chakras.

Very few people are able to see the Human Aura, in its vibrancy, with the naked eye. Although, with the aid of Kirlian based technology along with biofeedback and modern computer science, it is finally possible to create a very accurate image of your aura.

We offer Aura Parties which are perfect at any occasion: Birthdays, Home Parties as well as Corporate Events! Since its initial opening, The Violet Aura has photographed Thousands of Adults, Children, and even Pets !

The Violet Aura has also been Featured on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360º.

Anderson Cooper 360 on Indigo Children

Anderson shows up with Gary Tuchman at about 6:29 minutes into the video. Then you can see his aura!

His face says it all...


Friday, May 01

CNN's Time 100 Special: Ted Turner, Bono and More

Where can you see Bono chat with George Clooney, or Ted Turner and T. Boone Pickens reminiscence about billions made and lost?

Tonight at 11pmET on CNN, for the Anderson Cooper 360 special highlighting this year's Time 100 list.

"These people are really good friends. They know a lot about each other on levels that reporter may not know about," AC 360 EP David Doss tells TVNewser. "It's really like we're all approved to eavesdrop on these cool conversations."

Besides the pre-taped conversations, Cooper will contribute to the special as well. "Anderson is editorially involved with quite a lot. Two of the segments are his own," says Doss.

Working with Time magazine, of course, keeps the special in the Time Warner family. "It would be fair to say the relationship with Time and Rick Stengel and 360 and CNN is really a great relationship," says Doss. "We talk a lot about projects and editorially about things on the print and broadcast and digital side. It's really fantastic."

The special is simulcast on CNNI tonight at 11pmET, and re-airs Saturday and Sunday at 8pm and 11pmET on CNN.

No to Taliban, Yes to Ivan

Who is Ivan Watson that escaped under my gaydar? He is goregous and a big surprise for me today!

Taking on the Taliban

Where have you been all my life, Ivan? Before Anderson.

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