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January 31st, 2011
04:21 PM ET

Anderson Cooper anchors AC360 live from Egypt tonight

The above video clip is from last night's two hour special from Egypt. Tune in tonight for the latest developments and news. Anderson Cooper 360 airs weeknight at 10pm ET on CNN.

No Answers


JANUARY 31, 2011

Jack Mirkinson is a graduate of the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. He is currently working at the Huffington Post.

Anderson Cooper In Egypt: 'Nobody Has Any Answers For What's Going To Happen Here'

First Posted: 01/31/11 -- 03:27 PM Updated: 01/31/11 -- 03:50 PM

Anderson Cooper landed in Egypt on Sunday night. By Monday morning, the country already seemed different to him.

"It's a fast-changing situation," the CNN anchor said in an interview with The Huffington Post. "It feels like it changes every few hours."

Cooper has flown into the city to witness the massive popular uprising taking place in defiance of President Hosni Mubarak's government. He spoke to HuffPost from a site near Tahrir Square, which has become the site of huge protests and the focal point for the uprising.

Cooper said he saw more soldiers on the streets on Monday than on Sunday, when he arrived. "They are trying to have a show of force, to show that they are in control of the situation," he said. That meant cutting off certain roads, trying to enforce the widely-ignored curfew a little more, and trying to block people from getting to Tahrir Square.

The people who are protesting "are completely not satisfied" with the steps Mubarak has taken to reform his regime, Cooper said. "They will tell you that. Putting a former intelligence chief in as your vice president, that's not a sign of a president who wants to open up. Nothing short of Mubarak leaving is acceptable."

The Egyptian government has treated journalists with a heavy hand since the uprising began. They have been beaten and arrested, and have seen their equipment confiscated and destroyed. The regime has also cracked down on social media, blocked off most Internet access in the country, and moved to shut down Al Jazeera's Cairo operations.

It is under this backdrop that Cooper flew into Egypt on Sunday. He called the situation a "tricky" one, and noted that his CNN colleague Ben Wedeman had already had a nasty run-in with Egyptian security forces last week.

AC360 in Egypt


AC360: Revolt in Egypt

Posted: January 31st, 2011 -- 09:42 AM ET

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Anderson Cooper reports

Reporters to Egypt

The foreigners are trying to get OUT of Egypt as soon as they possible can, and the reporters are trying to get IN at any cost... (Huh???)

More Arrivals, More Delays as American Journalists Enter Egypt

By Chris Ariens on January 31, 2011 11:31 AM

CNN’s Anderson Cooper arrived in Cairo yesterday and anchored two hours last night with Wolf Blitzer in Washington. Cooper, who Tweeted Saturday night that he was en route, has not Tweeted since.

CNBC’s Erin Burnett is in Cairo. She reported for NBC Nightly News and as part of a CNBC two-hour live special hosted by Melissa Francis and Tyler Mathisen last night as the global markets opened. Burnett was back on this morning on “Today,” MSNBC and CNBC. NBC’s Lester Holt is en route but is having a difficult time getting in. Kate Snow anchored weekend Nightly News both days.

Geraldo Rivera hosted his Fox News program for two hours Saturday and Sunday nights with reports from FNC Middle East & South Asia Correspondent Dominic Di-Natale.

ABC’s Christiane Amanpour, who hosted “This Week” from Cairo Sunday, was on “Good Morning America” today.

Anderson In Cairo


Added On January 30, 2011

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei in Liberation Square after his address.

Amanpour and Anderson


January 31, 2011

ABC's Amanpour, CNN's Cooper amp up Egypt TV

American TV coverage of the tumult in Egypt entered a new phase Sunday with the arrival of top network and cable anchors on the scene.

The day began for many American viewers with the sight of ABC's Christiane Amanpour on the ground in Cairo as military jets flew overhead and ended with a special two-hour live report on CNN at 9 p.m. anchored in part by Anderson Cooper who was also in Egypt.

I am sure TV insiders and some critics will start yapping soon about "big foot" anchormen and anchorwomen showing up and sucking the oxygen out of the room. Forget it. I thought both telecasts were impressive, and served both viewers and their news organizations well.

Take a look at Amanpour, who has been struggling to find her voice as a Sunday morning public affairs anchor on the third-place "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" back in her correspondent's khaki jacket gathering information, interviewing key figures, and synthesizing all of it at a million miles a minute.

Cooper was equally impressive serving as one leg of the three-part anchoring team that included Wolf Blitzer in Washington and Isha Sesay, of CNN International, in Atlanta. If developments in Egypt continue in the direction they look to be headed, I hope CNN sticks with this team. It is very impressive, and it has the same sense of authority that Amanpour brought to her telecast Sunday -- something both "This Week" and CNN prime-time has been struggling with.

I'll get some video of Cooper's work in Tahir Square up as soon as CNN posts it or sends an embed code my way.

And this needs to be said, that while CNN had two hours of live coverage from Egypt and elsewhere last night, MSNBC was showing "To Catch a Predator" reruns from "Dateline." This is the same MSNBC that was questioning CNN's journalistic judgment last week in its coverage of the State of the Union speech.

One last thing on the Amanpour video, what did you think of her interview with Mohamed ElBaradei? I was impressed, especially with how focused she was in getting him to respond to what the Obama administration has been saying. There is not a shred of doubt after this interview as to how disappointed ElBaradei is in President Obama's response.

"To ask a dictator to implement democracy after 30 years is an oxymoron," ElBaradei says.

Posted by David Zurawik at 5:59 AM

Anderson In Egypt


Anderson Cooper In The Center Of Huge Protest In Cairo

(05:34 min.)


Added: January 31, 2011

Description: January 31, 2011 CNN


Egypt Around The World


GO! Egypt. GO!

Added On January 31, 2011
Correspondents around the world report on the reaction to the ongoing unrest in Egypt.

Words. Words. Words.


Added On January 31, 2011

After dismissing his cabinet, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak tries to appease his people by asking for their input.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sharing A Fireplace...

...With Anderson.

Let Anderson Know

...You Care.

I just received notice of this brand new blog where you can post a message for Anderson. Their administration will try to make sure Anderson gets all the messages. Although there is no guarantee that he will read all the messages, it would be nice for him to know that many people care and are thinking about him.

Follow this link, "Anderson's Army," click on "Ask" in the middle of the light blue band below its title and type your message.

If you don't have a blog with "Tumblr," you will need to include your name at the end of your message otherwise it will be signed "anonymous" automatically.

My Message To Anderson:

thoroughlyandersoncooper ASKED:

Hi Anderson,

Have a safe trip to Egypt, and be careful once you get there. Although the bullets and the rockets may be raining within a coupe of feet from you, you always escape untouched -- you are that type of guy, but it always pays to be cautious.

Thinking of you and your crew and looking forward to see your report tomorrow at 10.

Monday, Live From Egypt


"Piers Morgan Tonight" brings you the latest developments from CNN correspondents on the ground in Egypt at 9 p.m. ET Monday. Then at 10 p.m. on "AC360º," Anderson Cooper reports live from Cairo with firsthand accounts of what's happening and where the situation might go from here.

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The Ark Of The Discord


...and I'm a Mormon
Wife, mother of 4. My name is Rochelle Tallmadge, and I'm Mormon.

Written on January 30, 2011 at 7:29 am by God Discussion Reporter

CNN's Anderson Cooper examines church and state issues surrounding Kentucky Noah's Ark theme park

The biblically based "Noah's Ark" theme park in northern Kentucky is slated to receive tax incentives from the state because of its projected tourism revenue and job opportunities. Answers in Genesis, which is behind the "Creation Museum," is a major player behind the Ark Encounter project.

It is reported that the theme park might get $37 million in tax incentives after it opens and starts generating tourist revenue.

Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Jan. 27 to talk about the museum and the separation of church and state issues that are associated with it.

Ham claims it is a for-profit business, but Lynn pointed out that it is actually a ministry that is trying to convert people into believing in the Bible stories. Ham insists that the state government is not promoting a religious viewpoint and that Answers in Genesis does not own the Ark Encounter.

Lynn countered,
    "The truth of the matter is that this park, whether it is partially private or partially for profit … it is promoting the one thing that the other groups getting subsidies don't promote, and that is a specific religious viewpoint. Answers in Genesis does believe that the earth is six thousand years old, believes that dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time — only true in the Flinstones — and also believes that there were really unicorns. I don't think that the heft, that the weight of the state of Kentucky should be asking anyone directly or indirectly to subsidize these ideas."

Jeffrey Toobin, CNN's Senior Legal Analyst said that the courts have not been clear in this area. "The government can't sponsor something if the primary purpose is to sponsor religion," he said, adding that in recent years the courts have been more accommodating of government sponsoring religion. He thinks the courts will hold up Kentucky's decision.

Lynn said that the primary motive is a ministry and that Noah did not need public funds to build his ark.

Ham claimed that Lynn wants the state to discriminate against promoting a biblical theme.

The Party Of Schizos


Creating Reality Michele Bachmann Style

by: By Berry Craig
Sun Jan 30, 2011 at 00:31:13 AM EST

( - promoted by Hillbilly)

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was in high dudgeon the other night over Rep. Michele Bachmann’s claim that the Founding Fathers "worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States."

Matthews called her a "balloon head."

The founders, several of whom owned slaves, were long gone by the 1860s, when the Civil War and the 13th Amendment to the constitution ended slavery.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper also took Bachmann to task on his TV show. He said Bachmann "airbrushed herself some new history" and suggested her comments were "either a deliberate rewriting of our history or signs that she has a shaky grasp" about what happened in the early days of our republic.

"Bachmann and others like her have elevated smug ignorance of the historical record to a virtue," said John Hennen, a Morehead, Ky., State University historian and author.

Bachmann's bizarre take on the founders and slavery reminded Hennen of a 2004 New York Times Magazine article by Ron Suskind. He quoted an unnamed aide to President George W. Bush:

"The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.'... 'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.'"

Concluded Hennen: "Once someone like Bachmann understands that having a knowledge base rooted in reality and evidence is unimportant, things get a lot easier."

Hennen also said Bachmann jogged his memory of the late 1980s when Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed revved up the Christian Coalition on behalf of the GOP. "There is now a whole crew of good looking, congenial, ruthless, empty headed Republican congresspeople who came out of that movement. Bachmann is one of them."

Anyway, liberal hearts doubtless beat with joy when Matthews and Cooper lit into Bachmann, a Tea Party heroine. Liberals think the more nutty far-right-wingers like Bachmann blab, the more likely John and Jane Q. Public are bound to turn against them and the Tea Party.

Maybe liberals are right. But Bachmann baloney -- no matter how moldy -- never causes the faithful heartburn. When her hand gets called by the likes of Matthews and Cooper, the true believers see her as "martyred" yet again by the "liberal media elite."

Tea Party types are cool with Bachmann because she loves what they love -- guns and the Good Lord, for instance. And she disdains what they disdain -- immigrants, gay people and the “Kenyan” “Muslim Marxist” in the White House whose "plan" is "white slavery" come to mind.

Folks in the political mainstream -- liberals and conservatives --think elected officials ought to know their stuff – like history, economics and world affairs. This union card-carrying Hubert Humphrey Democrat believes people we vote to represent us in Washington should be smart.

Yet “smart” seems to translate as “smarty-pants” and “elitist” to Bachmann, the Tea Party and the rest of the uber right-wing political and media roost. The whole kit and caboodle remind me of a 2008 survey by some political scientists at Duke and Georgia State universities. They found that when some people are shown incontrovertible proof that what they believe is dead wrong, they become even more convinced that they are dead right.

It’s like the ancient tongue-in-cheek aphorism says: “My mind’s made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

AC to Egypt!

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