Monday, August 31, 2009

Scar Options

Remember Anderson's scar under his left eye? Well, I just came across other possibilities (probabilities) for its source. Haiku included! LOL

March 20, 2008

Scandaltown = What REALLY caused Anderson Cooper’s facial disfiguration???

Posted by missjaneleo under Dreamboat, Hilarity, Politics, TV

The Associated Press is reporting that CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently had a cancerous mole removed from below his left eye, which would explain the red mark visible on his face over the past week. It WOULD, that is, if you BUY that story. I have a few other ideas. A list of possible (and I would argue, probable) causes of this facial sore:
    mountain lion mauling
    night terror + unkempt fingernails = inch-long face gash
    bagel-slicing mishap
    terrorist act
    counter-terrorist act
    fisticuffs with Larry King, backstage after the latter’s interview with Janet Jackson (nasty boys)
    rusty razor malfunction
    disastrous eye-lift plastic surgery scarring
    strategic distraction tactic to make viewers forget about his “conflict of interest on gay issues”? (Americans For Truth, you terrify me, btw)
    well-meaning but ill-executed attempt at increasing his rugged good looks (scars work for Seal, right?)

Anderson, your hair
shiny as the nighttime stars.
Silver fox, indeed.

Alternatives to which I could add:
    Caught between 2 drag queens fighting for him.
    Caught between 2 hunky guys fighting for him.
    Anderson's first (and only) scratch while reporting about heavy winds during a hurricane.
    A spider bit him while sleeping in a tent the night before his interview with President Obama in Kenya.
    Smeared makeup.
    Contrary to his explanation, he did have a fight with Charlie Rose.
    Jeff Corwin used him in another of his demonstrations about poisonous tree needles.

Precious as gold
Silver look alike
Gorgeous to the soul

On Bourbon St.

Unusual and original. A new photo of Anderson behind the scenes on Bourbon Street this past week in New Orlens. Taken by Ed Ireson and posted on Flickr. Thanks Ed for a great shot of Anderson.

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Anderson Cooper: Profile

Anderson Cooper anchors Anderson Cooper 360°, an unconventional, wide-ranging news program airing on CNN/U.S. weekdays. Cooper, who joined CNN in December 2001, served as CNN's weekend anchor before moving to the 7 p.m. hour in March 2003 following the war in Iraq.

Since joining CNN, Cooper has anchored major breaking news stories, including hurricane Katrina and the network's overnight coverage of the war in Iraq, as news of the military conflict was unfolding live during the day in Baghdad. Cooper also anchored much of CNN's live coverage of the D.C.-area sniper story and the coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion.

Because of Cooper's background as a war correspondent for Channel One News, he was sent to Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to report on the U.S. military conflict and to Qatar where he reported on the testing of CENTCOM's new mobile headquarters.

Most recently, as a weekday anchor, Cooper was the only Western journalist to interview Liberian president Moses Blah on the day he took office.

Before joining CNN, Cooper was an ABC News correspondent and host of the network's reality program, The Mole. Cooper anchored ABC's live, interactive, overnight news and interview program, World News Now as well as providing reports for World News Tonight, 20/20 and 20/20 Downtown. Previously, he was a New York-based correspondent for ABC News, reporting primarily for World News Saturday/Sunday.

Cooper joined ABC from Channel One News, where he served as a reporter and producer. During that time, he was a chief international correspondent, reporting and producing stories from Bosnia, Iran, Israel, Russia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa and Vietnam. He also reported national stories that were broadcast over the Channel One News school television network and seen in more than 12,000 classrooms nationwide.

Cooper has won several awards for his work, including an Emmy Award for his contribution to ABC's coverage of Princess Diana's funeral; a Silver Plaque from the Chicago International Film Festival for his report from Sarajevo on the Bosnian civil war; a Bronze Telly for his coverage of famine in Somalia; a Bronze Award from the National Educational Film and Video Festival for a report on political Islam; and a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Journalism for his 20/20 Downtown report on gay high school athlete Corey Johnson.

Cooper graduated from Yale University in 1989 with a bachelor of arts degree in political science. He also studied Vietnamese at the University of Hanoi. Cooper is based in New York City.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

CNN & Ted Turner

CNN and founder Ted Turner; 30 years later, cable giant tries to reignite and fend off Fox

Almost thirty years ago, Ted Turner created an all-news, 24/7 cable network called appropriately enough: "Cable News Network", or more to the point, CNN.

At the time, few people gave it any chance of succeeding. For one, cable wasn't the behemoth it has become today; general, over-the-air TV was the social norm and thirty to fourty channels seemed reasonable. Remember UHF? That was considered a luxury.

Indeed, CNN founder, Ted Turner, the flamboyant, multi-millionaire broadcast magnate, created the flagship enterprise that would suddenly transform cable into both the social and cultural TV fixture it has become today.

Turner also had the business foresight that news could and should be something people would relish anytime, anywhere, any place, and everyday. And who could argue? Just as CNN was beginning to bloom, Americans had a thirst for news. ABC News' Nightline was flourishing; its inception born out of the Iranian hostage crisis that began in November of 1979.

Soon, CNN became so big, so fast, and monumentally profitable, that in 1996, Turner sold Turner Broadcasting--CNN, TNT, the TBS Superstation, Turner Classic Movies, the Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, and several sports teams, including the Atlanta Braves--to Time Warner.

Today, CNN is still huge and its news division has become a staple for instant coverage of events all around the world. It's signiture red logo is a fixture in almost all airports and it has transformed some of its air talent into the celebrity culture. Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Christianne Amanpour are part of CNN's prized assets, although some of that popularity has been eroding.

News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch's parent company which owns the Fox News channel, began in 1996 with little fanfare, but soon emerged out of the cable fortress with a steady stream of hard-hitting news and commentary, mostly leaning heavily to the conservative right.

FNC's formula was and is now heavily built around the concept of commentary and opinion-oriented shows. Today, Fox relishes its top position in the cable ratings, with shows featuring conservative-oriented Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. In May, controversial radio host Glenn Beck was hired and his brand of "shock-jock-style" bravado has put him near the top at FNC.

While Fox has been enormously successful at ingraining its brand of style into the cable culture, CNN has stalled and on some evenings of late, has lost the ratings battle to perennial third-place cabler, MSNBC.

CNN has tried repeatedly to alter and shuffle its nightly programming, so far with little upside. Anderson Cooper delivers a first-rate news show for two hours every weeknight, but so far hasn't been the "must-see" conduit CNN had hoped he'd become; Larry King gets A-list celebrity guests nightly, but his show has seen a steady decline in audience numbers, and is rumored to be out at CNN, once his contract expires in 2010.


Reason No. 4 why I like him so much:

Because when he Giggles he makes me giggle too!

And I'm sure you all giggle too.

A Dream & Eye Candy

Speidi Says 'Thank You, Silver Fox'

Posted Friday 28 August -- 04:00 PM By: Brooke Tarnoff

We don't usually tune into CNN for commentary on celeb appearances, but we did just that earlier this week, when news correspondent Anderson Cooper unleashed a two-minute tirade tearing Heidi Montag to shreds. Montag performed her song 'Body Language,' at the Miss Universe pageant, an event Cooper called a "fresh new way to embarrass herself." Ouch. We're always looking for a chance to talk to our new besties Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt, so we called them up for their exclusive take on the verbal throwdown... and found that they were thrilled.

"Oh my God, I love it," Montag told PopEater. "I am so incredibly flattered that he's talking about the first performance I've ever done, that he's talking about me, that he knows who I am. Who gets on CNN? Britney, when she shaved her head, gets on CNN. That's all that matters: Heidi, CNN, Anderson Cooper. Done."

Not only does she not take Cooper's comments personally, she thinks the extra publicity will help her career skyrocket. And as for Cooper musing "why she is pretending to be a singer or why anyone should listen to her," it takes more than a news analyst to get Montag down. "We're in the entertainment industry. It's supposed to be fun. This is not so serious. We're not judges," she says, and adds that she could not be happier with her performance, no matter what they're saying on CNN.

"I'd never performed before, not even in front of even ten people! Praise God. I had so much fun," Montag says. "Look at everyone's first performances - look at Britney's first performance or Lady Gaga's, even. These girls were hardly even dancing. Britney did a couple little moves; it took her two years to start dancing like I did that first night. And I didn't mess up one move, I had so much fun, it was such a blessing. I was praying so hard, and I couldn't have done better. It was miraculous!"

Montag may not take Cooper's words to heart, but is Pratt as laissez-faire when a CNN anchor trash-talks his wife? He sure is. "He's got his producers, and that's what they want to cover? Go for it. I just find it funny that [CNN] is supposed to be the most serious, hard-hitting news. It's crazy that he doesn't have something else to talk about, like CIA torture or healthcare. It's bizarre when that many seconds are spent being negative about celebrities. It's silly, but hey, I would have paid him to do it." Watch the video:

A Dream:

Eye Candy (or is it the other way around?):

Guess who was behind that slab of wood....? She was too close to him, like glued to his right side; I thought about improving the shot by placing something pretty instead.

Now For The Bad News...


August 28, 2009

Video: New Orleans’ levees improved?

Posted: 11:02 PM ET

Sean Callebs
CNN Correspondent

Sunday Cartoons

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Reason No. 169 why I like him so much:

Because he's Beautiful!

Shallow me, I know. Just wait until you read about the other 168 reasons...

Saturday Mass

August 29, 2009

Praying for Sen. Kennedy

Kennedy's casket moved to church

Guests arrive for Kennedy funeral

Kennedy funeral Mass begins

Dad said 'I know you can do it'

Dad remained 'a magical figure'

Podcast 08-28-09

August 29, 2009

Anderson Cooper 360º Podcast - 08-28-09

Friday, August 28, 2009

Darryl & Heidi & Anderson & Vampires & ...

Darryl Johnson

Teacher Wows Simon, Anderson Slams Heidi, & the Backstreet Boys Vamp It Up See which singer's voice blew Simon away, hear Anderson Cooper's verbal bashing of Heidi Montag's performance, and watch the Backstreet Boys take a stab at being vampires in their new music video all on the latest PopSugar Rush!

Anderson Cooper

Music in NOLA. Oh, So Sweet!

August 28, 2009

The Shot:New Orleans music

Posted: 08:11 AM ET


Abducted girl returns home after 18 years
August 28, 3:01 AM

A young woman walked into a San Francisco Bay police station on Wednesday and identified herself as Jaycee Lee Dugard, who had been abducted from South Lake Tahoe 18 years ago. The young woman was abducted by a sex offender while she was walking to school, according to reports on CNN.

Ms. Dugard had two children with the sex offender in the past 18 years. They were not allowed to go to school and were kept in isolation in a backyard compound in Antioch, California. Phillip and Nancy Garridow were taken into custody in connection with the abduction of Jaycee Dugard in 1991.

It is amazing story, both encouraging and sad. Encouraging, because this missing child finally came home. Sad, because of what she must have endured over the past 18 years.

CNN Anderson Cooper interviewed Elizabeth Smart and her father. Smart had been abducted two years ago and was held for several months. Anderson Cooper questioned Smart about her advice to Jaycee Lee Dugard. Smart replied that no one knows what she has been through and that it is important that she be allowed to talk about her experiences in her own time. Anderson Cooper interview withEd Smart and Elizabeth Smart.

August 27, 2009

360 Interview: Elizabeth Smart and her father, Ed

Posted: 11:55 PM ET

Anderson Cooper
AC360° Anchor

An 11-year-old California girl snatched from the street in front of her house in 1991 had two children with the man accused of taking her and lived in a secret backyard shed, authorities said Thursday.

The 18-year mystery of what happened to Jaycee Dugard ended this week when a sex offender admitted to corrections authorities that he abducted her.

Since her kidnapping, Dugard has lived in her alleged abductor’s backyard, in a shed. All of this played out in a residential neighborhood.

We spoke to Ed Smart and his daughter Elizabeth. The Smarts lived through a similar nightmare, when Elizabeth was snatched from her bedroom in the middle of the night in 2002. She was found nine months later.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Orleans Tour Pictures

August 27, 2009

Photo Gallery: AC and James Carville tour New Orleans

Posted: 04:56 PM ET


Anderson is anchoring from New Orleans tonight where he reports on how locals are coping four years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. Some residents continue to face challenges as the Big Easy keeps trying to rebuild. Earlier today, Anderson met up with CNN Political Contributor and New Orleans native James Carville for a tour of the city. Check out this photo gallery of where they stopped.

Anderson and James Carville sit down at a Pascal Manale’s
restaurant in New Orleans.

Anderson meets a New Orleans resident who tells him she’s glad he came back and shares her own story.

Outside of Pascal Manale’s restaurant.

Anderson and James Carville make a stop at Freret Street Gym.

Inside Freret Street Gym, James Carville shows Anderson how high the water rose during Hurricane Katrina.

A close-up of the water line inside Freret Street Gym.

Inside Freret Street Gym, Anderson talks to the president of Loyola University New Orleans, Rev. Kevin Wildes.

Anderson on Saturday

Networks Offering Live Coverage of Kennedy's Memorial, Burial

Broadcast, cable nets covering memorial services Aug. 28 and 29 and burial the afternoon of Aug. 29

By Marisa Guthrie -- Broadcasting & Cable, 8/27/2009 5:50:52 PM EDT

The broadcast and cable news networks will provide live coverage of Sen. Ted Kennedy's memorial services on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 28 and 29; and his burial at Arlington National Cemetery on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 29.

CNN's coverage begins Friday at 7 p.m. with Wolf Blitzer and Campbell Brown anchoring coverage of the Celebration of Life service at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Dorchester, Mass. CNN's coverage continues Saturday at 10 a.m. with Blitzer and Anderson Cooper anchoring from the service at The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Boston, with John King weighing in "on the ground."

CNN will also cover Kennedy's 4 p.m. burial service at Arlington National Cemetery, where his slain brothers are also buried.

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi...

Anderson Cooper tears into Heidi Montag

August 27, 10:57 AM

Spencer Pratt told MTV this week that his wife Heidi is the new Michael Jackson.

She's the "new, modern day, 2010 Michael Jackson," says Pratt.

"The Holy Spirit now has Michael Jackson juice, so boom! For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with Michael Jackson's divine spirit."

While Spencer was quick to elevate his bride, CNN's Anderson Cooper was quick to knock her right back down.

As a result of Montag's Miss Universe performance, Anderson let Heidi have it, saying she found a "fresh new way to embarrass herself."

Check out the video to see for yourself.

After the Storm

August 27, 2009

After the Storm: NOLA four years later

Anderson is anchoring from New Orleans tonight where he’s talking to locals about what the city is like today, four years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. Some residents continue to face challenges as the Big Easy tries to rebuild. Anderson will also meet up with New Orleans native James Carville for a tour of the city.

August 27, 2009

After the Storm: New Orleans’ economic rebirth

Posted: 10:15 AM ET

5 Comments | Add a comment

Sean Callebs and Jason Morris

While much of the nation struggles mightily to claw its way out of the punishing recession, New Orleans’ rebirth is taking shape and bucking the national trend of an economic downturn. Visitors here will notice a steady flow of commercial and residential construction that is becoming a daily part of the city’s life. In many ways, the billions of dollars that poured into New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina is providing a huge economic buffer.

We all know the horrible statistics from when Hurricane Katrina nearly wiped New Orleans off the face of the map. More than 1800 lives were lost, 80 percent of the city was left under water, and the devastation left an estimated $100 billion in damage.

For the locals, the recession was the storm, and the stimulus was the influx of billions of dollars of federal and private money that continues to pour in and provide an economic buffer. This American city suffered a dramatic blow. After Katrina, close to 80,000 homes had to be rebuilt, attracting legions of construction workers and contractors. The effort helped to create jobs, and keep the city’s unemployment rate at about 7.2 percent, while the national average dipped to around 9 percent. And even though the value of houses has plummeted nationwide, home prices in New Orleans have actually increased by about 1.1percent from 2008 to 2009.

“There’s a significant amount of federal spending that is still going on here that is related to the flood catastrophe. And in many ways the city is benefiting from that, and propping us up. We’re against the downward ties of the macro economy,” says Sean Cummings, a life long New Orleanian, local developer, and hotel owner.

Jazz-trumpet great Irvin Mayfield just opened a jazz club in the Royal Sonesta hotel in the heart of the French Quarter, but he knows that even though many parts of the city seem “normal,” there is still a tremendous amount of work to do.

Mayfield is a Commissioner for the New Orleans Redevelopment Association, and he has played a large part in working with the city to rebuild homes and businesses. “The passion is about us investing in ourselves and city, and redevelopment is just another word for self investment in citizens. And I think that passion has always been important to New Orleans, we are trying to transport that passion of music and food to trying to rebuild our neighborhoods,” Mayfield said. “New Orleans is a laboratory city, New Orleans is imaginative, and we are trying a lot of things and going to the drawing board.”

The New Orleans economy has always been based on tourism and heavy industry but after Katrina, a number of tax breaks are giving entrepreneurs and investors incentives to move here and open up shop. Sean Cummings is a big part of that movement. To help his city come back, the local investor launched Startup New Orleans, one of many organizations that supports young businesses development. His loft style building in the business district is home to an upstart alternative energy company, a new online exchange for business receivables, and a start-up music licensing firm among many others. “There’s a transformation going on here, it’s a shift from a tourism and research based economy in the 20th century, to one that will be in the 21st century driven by artisans and entrepreneurs,” said Cummings.

Another non-profit organization helping to re-invent the city is the Idea Village, who has a building called the I.P. (Intellectual Property) which serves as a hub for technology businesses and innovation.

Tim Williamson and Michael Hecht co-founded The Idea Village, “If you look at the people that have come since Katrina, there has been this influx of talent who has come to New Orleans, initially to help, but now they are here to stay and live and to grow new companies, Williamson said. ” This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent an American city. So with what’s going on in the country, and what’s going on in other economies, New Orleans is kind of cyclical.”

Hecht points out that as the rest of the country has been hit with the worst economic events since pre-depression, New Orleans continues to add new jobs and business. “Creative professionals can thrive in an environment like this, because we’ve got the culture, we’ve got the cheaper labor costs for businesses that want to hire programmers, and we’ve got world beating incentives now.”

But of course not everything in New Orleans is perfect. New residents know about all of the lingering, deep-rooted problems with which locals have been dealing long before Katrina. The crime rate continues to increase, the education system is poor overall, and some parts of the city aren’t even rebuilt. But many are convinced the positive gains outweigh these issues.

Nic Perkins is the CEO of The Receivables Exchange, one of the start-up companies that has taken advantage of the New Orleans global brand. “To have an operation like this would be literally five, six, seven times more to do in New York, or San Francisco. The quality of life that we have here, you can live exceptionally well for a start up salary.”

Another big question is sustainability – and whether or not these new ventures will be able to transform the city in the long run. Also, will the economic bubble eventually burst for New Orleans when the federal and non-profit money dry up?

Irvin Mayfield knows that even though there’s been a lot of progress, there is still a tremendous amount of work to do.

“I think a lot of people who see this will say look you guys have been at this for four years, why isn’t this done already? And I think people really need to understand the volume of things that have been done, and are doing.”

Program Note: Four years after Katrina, what is New Orleans like now? Some residents continue to face challenges as the Big Easy keeps trying to rebuild. Take a look at In Depth: After the Storm. And to learn about ways you can make a difference, visit Impact Your World.


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