Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Funny Side Of The Debate

The 25 funniest tweets about the debate

By Brandon Griggs, CNN

updated 10:23 AM EDT, Thu October 4, 2012

President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney finish their debate in Denver on Wednesday, October 3.

(CNN) -- With its wonky arguments about taxes and health care, Wednesday's presidential debate may not have been the most riveting 90 minutes of the 2012 campaign.

But the faceoff between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney produced no shortage of humor on Twitter, where observers cracked jokes about everything from Romney's perceived swipe at "Sesame Street's" Big Bird to Jim Lehrer's passive moderating style.

By the end of the debate, both @FiredBigBird and @SilentJimLehrer were newly minted Twitter accounts with thousands of followers.

Mostly, however, people on Twitter just thought the debate was boring.

Here are 25 of our favorite debate-related tweets:

W. Kamau Bell ‏-- The media is promoting the #debates like a full on sports event. People are going to be real disappointed when it's just 2 dudes talking.

Linnéa Sandström ‏-- Romney has a bigger US flag pin than Obama. The debate is over? #debates

Storify: Jim Lehrer, the silent moderator

Jim Leher of PBS moderates the 90-minute debate on Wednesday. It was the candidates' first time debating face to face.

Sarah Littman ‏-- Mitt: "I like coal" Poor people will find it in their stockings if I am President. #debates

Rachel Lichtman -- So far the only Zingers are in Chris Christie's glove compartment. #debates

Amy Walter ‏-- "Um, I was told there would be no math." #snl #debates

Todd Barry ‏-- These guys are both feeding off the energy of the crowd. #debates

Marc Lombardi ‏-- The debate would be much more interesting & informative if a buzzer went off every time an untrue statement was made. #debates

Kathleen Madigan -- So far, this is as exciting as lunesta. Which I love. #mockthevote

Aaron Blitzstein ‏-- "It's time for my second question." - Jim Lehrer at 3pm tomorrow

Indecision ‏-- This campaign to re-elect Bill Clinton is going really well. #debates

Storify: Big Bird and the presidential debate

Kristi Harrison ‏-- I have to admit they're both pretty handsome. I'm waiting for the swimsuit competition to decide. #debates

Fired Big Bird -- Somewhere Paul Ryan is kicking over trash cans in hopes of smoking out Oscar the Grouch

Jim Sterling ‏-- Obama is winning in the "Looking amazingly condescending when the other guy talks" race. #debates

Danny Sullivan ‏-- Sorry, that was Obama spending five seconds arguing that he's owed five more seconds to argue #debates

Phil Plait ‏-- After reading all the variations of the debate drinking games, I have decided to simply remove my liver and set it on fire.

Mo Mandel ‏-- This is the worst SNL skit of all time. #debates

Tara Ariano ‏-- Frankly, neither candidate is working hard enough to land the immigrant feminist small business owner non-voting socialist vote. #debate

ROMNEY: Jim, I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually like you, too. But I'm not going to -- I'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for. That's number one.

Fired Big Bird -- If you don't vote Obama, Mitt Romney is going to be eating me by the end of November. Show your support. #BigBird2012

Dave Weigel -- This is like watching a tax law professor debate an investment advice infomercial host

Silent Jim Lehrer --, I...guys...

Nisha Chittal ‏-- where is the orchestra from the Emmys when you need them! #debates

Crystal Bruce -- Whoever dances off stage horse riding style to Open Gangnam --- wins! #debates2012

Doug Benson -- 14 minutes until we can all go back to preferring the candidate we liked when the debate started. #debate

Dennis Miller Show ‏-- Obama better hope a Kicked A** is covered under Obamacare

Are You Italian? ‏-- The debates in my house are much louder. #2012debate

CNN's Doug Gross and Heather Kelly contributed to this story.

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